Bead bullet, crystal white, pair

DKK 299

Beads in crystal white are quite solid in color, yet with a hint of transparency. The beads are raw cut with beautiful crystals like shine to them. It is the perfect crispy white, and there is absolutely no limit to how it can be styled.

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Bead bullet

These Bead bullet earrings will make you stand out in a confident and cool way. Light to wear and spherically formed, there are available in the smartest and most beautiful colors of the fashion season. The glass beads are 24 carat gold plated and give a touch of glam to your look in everyday use and for special occasions.

These Bead bullet earrings are adorned with 24 carat gold plated glass beads. The feature decorative ball clasp easily fastens and releases your earring by simply sliding on and off.

The bead covered hollow metal bead that doesn’t feel heavy to wear.

Chain: 9 cm long – 18 carat gold plated silver
Bullet: 1.3 cm in diameter