Oval bean bead, deep blue sea/crystal sand, pair

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The beads in this piercing blue color have a matte surface with a slight shine to them. They are entirely solid in color and look like the sky on a starry night. It’s the color you pick when you feel like royalty. A color that describes confidence and greatness.

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Oval bean bead

Stylish oval shaped ear-chain. This handcrafted oval bean bead ear chain can be used for everyday use or for special occasions. They will give your outfit a personal and feminine touch.

They are beautiful as a pair but also can be worn individually with a mini bullet to complement it in style.

The oval bean bead ear chains are available in the latest fashion color combinations.

These bean bead earrings are adorned with 24 carat gold plated glass beads. The feature decorative ball clasp easily fastens and releases your earring by simply sliding on and off.

Chain: 7.5 cm long – 18 carat gold plated silver
Oval Bead Bean: 2 cm long and 1 cm wide